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Hotel internet is routinely slow. They provision the absolute slowest speed they can procure, as that satisfies the requirement of providing “free internet” but you are experiencing the results.

I would suggest using your cell phone as your internet access for your stay. Hopefully you don’t have an iPhone.

If you have a Android based phone, try Easytether if you can cable your phone to your laptop. Their free solution will work unless you need access to Https sites for things like corporate VPN’s, webmail or paying bills online. They have a very reasonably priced Pro client for Https access.

Foxfire is another solution which enables your phone to be used as a wireless access point. Again, will probably require the paid application. But definitely worth it if you are staying long term.

Both will be applied to your data cap limit, so be wary there.

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☀yay! amazing day


I wanted to share with you my exhilaration about an incredible day I’ve spent with my children, below are a few photos open message

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Melton is on the Dline….Hitchens is our backup MLB…..not sure how one being out really impacts the other.

Hitchens has been really good for a rookie but I think Rolondo has been better. Now if he were to go down….then we’re in trouble.

With Melton out I think we will be seeing a lot more of Josh Brent in the rotation. I just hope he is healthy and conditioned enough.

At this moment, I think Melton is the bigger loss for us.

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It worked for Blake, but would it work for us?


The reason why most diets fail is that they impose impossible restrictions on how you live your life. Many dietitians say eat lots of protein others emphasize carbohydrates. In either case, you’re left with having to make rather drastic changes to the types of food you eat, when you eat it. In this monthly issue, Our sponsors gave us a monthly supply of Pure Natural Forskolin so we can take an in-depth look at an emerging and promising weight loss trend. reading more here web message

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Seems silly, but I often thought about that. Not planets, but stars or even galaxies as neurons. What if the universe is just a large network in some creature’s brain. What creature would this be really? It’s completely outside of our ability to comprehend it. Could the expansion of the universe be this creature growing? What would happen if that creature were to die or be sick? And what if we’re some type of infection developing in one of its neurons? And what does that imply for our own brains? Do each of us carry our own universes? Too much weed sometimes…

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what a beautiful and amazing place


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I’m sorry, I just see how a vocal minority of the user base on reddit likes to hold the belief that “the facts” are the only way to argue. I am tired of the whole “muh logos” circlejerk. I was more making the point that there are more ways to argue than just with logic, including the attack on ethos, and furthermore, the appeal to feelings. I should have put more effort into my comment, but the ignorance and bullshit should probably stop.

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Hello friend,

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I’m in the U.S and this has been in our family since my dad purchased it new in ’87, in Smoke Silver color. Because my dad was busy supporting the family and business, it hasn’t been driven a whole lot since the late 90s, so now I have decided to make a hobby out of maintaining this classic car. I pay out of my own pocket to drive this car on the road. Indeed, I hope to keep this car in the family for the years to come.

I like this car specifically because I don’t get a whole lot of attention around here, especially from people of my age group who believe the E30 M3 is the 80s car to own. The driving dynamics are not overwhelming, but one can enjoy driving this car on any road at any time. Those who know Mercedes-Benz appreciate the effort and engineering that went into a car like this back then.

I’ll get pictures onto this subreddit sometime soon as I work on these modifications, definitely within this month! I aim to finish this project by summer break so I can drive across the country in this car.

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cool surprise

Hi friend!

Wow, my friends have made a really cool surprise for me, you’ll love that) please take a look open message

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It’s not hypocrisy. It’s changing standards. It was acceptable at the time. Now trans people have a movement and have told us it’s unacceptable, so it’s not and now no one does it.

Compounding the confusion is the fact that regarding social issues, Japan is pretty conservative. It’s not that weird for a Japanese trans woman to come out as “really being a he” because that’s where their culture is regarding that.

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