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I’m in the U.S and this has been in our family since my dad purchased it new in ’87, in Smoke Silver color. Because my dad was busy supporting the family and business, it hasn’t been driven a whole lot since the late 90s, so now I have decided to make a hobby out of maintaining this classic car. I pay out of my own pocket to drive this car on the road. Indeed, I hope to keep this car in the family for the years to come.

I like this car specifically because I don’t get a whole lot of attention around here, especially from people of my age group who believe the E30 M3 is the 80s car to own. The driving dynamics are not overwhelming, but one can enjoy driving this car on any road at any time. Those who know Mercedes-Benz appreciate the effort and engineering that went into a car like this back then.

I’ll get pictures onto this subreddit sometime soon as I work on these modifications, definitely within this month! I aim to finish this project by summer break so I can drive across the country in this car.

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It’s not hypocrisy. It’s changing standards. It was acceptable at the time. Now trans people have a movement and have told us it’s unacceptable, so it’s not and now no one does it.

Compounding the confusion is the fact that regarding social issues, Japan is pretty conservative. It’s not that weird for a Japanese trans woman to come out as “really being a he” because that’s where their culture is regarding that.

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The order they came out was Fate/Stay Night 2006, Fate/Zero, then Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works which came out this year and is a retelling of the Fate/Stay Night from 2006.

You can just do as the other guy said and watch Fate/Zero then Fate/Stay Night, but it wouldn’t hurt if you just watched them in the order they were released.

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