It worked for Blake, but would it work for us?


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Seems silly, but I often thought about that. Not planets, but stars or even galaxies as neurons. What if the universe is just a large network in some creature’s brain. What creature would this be really? It’s completely outside of our ability to comprehend it. Could the expansion of the universe be this creature growing? What would happen if that creature were to die or be sick? And what if we’re some type of infection developing in one of its neurons? And what does that imply for our own brains? Do each of us carry our own universes? Too much weed sometimes…

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I’m sorry, I just see how a vocal minority of the user base on reddit likes to hold the belief that “the facts” are the only way to argue. I am tired of the whole “muh logos” circlejerk. I was more making the point that there are more ways to argue than just with logic, including the attack on ethos, and furthermore, the appeal to feelings. I should have put more effort into my comment, but the ignorance and bullshit should probably stop.

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