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I wanted to tell you something but please make sure that no one finds about about this. Please read the note here open message

See you around, bj sg

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The order they came out was Fate/Stay Night 2006, Fate/Zero, then Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works which came out this year and is a retelling of the Fate/Stay Night from 2006.

You can just do as the other guy said and watch Fate/Zero then Fate/Stay Night, but it wouldn’t hurt if you just watched them in the order they were released.

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✔this is amazing


It’s just amazing what some people can create, I love it, look at that website

Yours faithfully, bj sg

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Go on as many trivia shows as I can and build up a celebirty status as the smartest man on earth besides Steven Hawking (don’t want to look like a egostitical dick). Go to a few political oriented classes to show I am confident in the field. Make some cameos on political news programs to reinforce this.Create a poltical party based off logic and moral purity and leverage my celebrity status. Invent some amazing tech on the side for campaign funds. The world is now my oyster.

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amazing days out of town


We’ve had an amazing day out of town this weekend, just take a look at the place we’ve been to, here are some pictures message

Regards, bj sg

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They don’t particularly have to be offensively focused, they just can’t have a conservative mindset when it comes to the offense. I’m more than willing to have a Defensive guy take over as HC if he just allows the offense to do what its there to do. Reich’s only got one year as an OC though, i’d kind of want more on a resume than that.

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